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Glossary Of Railway Terminology Rssb

glossary of railway terminology rssb

Conductor rail A rail through which electricity is supplied to electric-powered trains. Earthed The term ‘earthed’ when applied to the overhead line equipment which is normally live, means connected to the traction return running rail either directly or to a structure which is itself connected thereto.

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(EN) (PDF) – Glossary of Railway Terminology | RSSB. To meet the requirements of the European Rail Agency, the glossary is now presented by two methods – by subject matter and by alphabetical listing. Terms by subject matter Page 2 to 15. Terms in alphabetical order Page 16 to 30. PDF file, 36 pages. via Rail Safety and Standards Board Limited. Shared by

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discipline and the Glossary of Railway Terminology - Guideline defines the terminology used. The Australian Code of Practice - Introduction and Overview - and the Glossary of Railway Terminology - Guideline are common documents relevant to all railway disciplines whereas the other Australian Codes of Practice address the

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Railway Glossary of Terms & Abbreviations Please click on the links below to assist you with the various terms or acronyms used by the railway: www.railway-technical.com

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A system of railway electrification in which the traction current is picked up by a skate or shoe which makes contact with a third rail located between or to one side of the running rails, and returned via both or either of the two running rails.

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Rail terminology is a form of technical terminology.The difference between the American term railroad and the international term railway (used by the International Union of Railways and English-speaking countries outside the United States) is the most significant difference in rail terminology. There are also others, due to the parallel development of rail transport systems in different parts ...


The horizontal (line) and vertical (top) position of a railway track, described by curved track of horizontal radius R, tangent track where R = ∞ , vertical radius and gradient.

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The term is sometimes used to mean death or the railroader's Heaven. (See Big Rock Candy Mountains) IND ICATORS—Illuminated signs on the engine and caboose that display the number of the train. IRON or RAIL—Track. Single iron means single track. IRON HORSE—Academic slang for locomotive. IRON SKULL—Boilermaker.

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For each term, you will find the translations, variants of the term, subject fields and grammatical information. There are also definitions for about 3,000 terms. Many terms carry an explanatory note and context to clarify the meaning of the term. Moreover, the terms in RailLexic are classified into 105 railway-specific subject fields.

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code (rail) — the height of a rail measured in one thousandths of an inch without the decimal point. The same code rail may be used in different scales to represent rail of different weights.

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Copy of `RSSB - Rail safety glossary` The wordlist doesn't exist anymore, or, the website doesn't exist anymore. On this page you can find a copy of the original information. The information may have been taken offline because it is outdated. RSSB - Rail safety glossary

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Signalling Record Society - 50 Years Acromyms, Signalling Terms, Railwayman's jargon &c. On this page will be found a selection of acronyms and other terms relevant to signalling, train describers and to other material on this web site and used either within the railway industry or by the signalling fraternity.

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The Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board (RISSB) is seeking nominations from people to join a Development Group to progress… 22 May 2020 Public Consultations Call for Public Consultation - AS 7664 Railway signalling, cable routes, cable pits, and foundations

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the team of The Railway Consultancy update the Rail Lexicon on a regular basis. Obsolete Railtrack terminology is shown in brackets, where known to be no longer in use. Comments and feedback are welcomed by: f.schmid@bham.ac.uk and c.watson.1@bham.ac.uk . In general, the UK term “railway” is used rather than the US term “railroad”. - A -

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Railway RSSB acronym meaning defined here. What does RSSB stand for in Railway? Top RSSB acronym definition related to defence: Rail Safety and Standards Board

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Glossary of technical terms in English (A - L) Adequate distance In railway operational contexts refers to sufficient distance to ensure safety, such as a safe braking distance for the expected speed of a train. Alignment The term used to refer to the physical route taken by the permanent way (tracks). All-right signal

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Glossary of Model Railroad Jargon. After working on this website for awhile, I realized that many of the terms I was using, although familiar to me after many years as a model railroader, might be unknown to new modellers or others who are reading these pages.

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CMC 'Glossary for NCOP and Dictionary of Railway Terminology'. livery: Rolling stock exterior colour scheme and markings. AS7531: locomotive: Self-propelled, non-passenger-carrying railway vehicles used for hauling or propelling other (typically freight or passenger) rolling stock. CMC 'Glossary for NCOP and Dictionary of Railway Terminology'.

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Danish-English Railway Terminology (DA<->EN) 2. Level Crossing Systems Glossary (DE-EN-FR) 3. Rail Cargo Transport Dictionary - 2004 (CS-DE-EN) Entries: 1500 : 4. Rail Engineering and Transport Vocabulary (DE<->EN) Entries: 2200 : 5. Railway Terminology in English and Portuguese (EN>PT) Entries: 3100 : 6.

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RISQS TERMS FOR THE PROVISION OF AUDITS TO SUPPLIER MEMBERS These terms and conditions (“Terms”) set out the basis on which Rail Safety and Standards Board Limited (Company No. 04655675) (“RSSB”) shall provide audit services to supplier members of RISQS. Formation of contract These Terms together with pricing information are available ...

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Useful Handrail Glossary to Understand Meaning and Definition of Railing Terms like Balustrade, Newel Post and Stairs Stringer. Helpful for Deck Design Projects ... Railing — Generic term for handrail, guard rail, balustrade, etc. Rhododendron — A small, bushy tree that grows in the Appalachian Mountains.

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Wikipedia - Glossary of North American railway terms; The raildictionary.com domain name is available for purchase. Click here for more info or to make an offer. The amount listed is the "BUY NOW" price. Please feel free to submit a lower offer for us to consider. Purchase of the domain name does not include contents of the website.

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It is Rail Safety and Standards Board. Rail Safety and Standards Board listed as RSSB Rail Safety and Standards Board - How is Rail Safety and Standards Board abbreviated?

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Rail Industry Standard for the Positioning of Lineside Telephones Page 4 of 41 RSSB RIS-8048-CCS Issue One: December 2016 Part 1 Introduction 1.1 Purpose of this document 1.1.1 This standard sets out requirements for assessing the positioning of lineside

Glossary Of Railway Terminology Rssb

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Glossary Of Railway Terminology Rssb